10 Tactics For Setting Up More Real Estate Business in 2015

10 Tactics For Setting Up More Real Estate Business in 2015

If you aren’t already putting together the finer points of your January marketing, and putting deals in the pipeline to close when the ball drops, you’re already behind. So how can real estate brokerages, investment firms, Realtors and individual investors ramp up their business volume to kick off 2015?

Experienced real estate professionals and business owners likely already have their marketing and lead generation planned out for the next year, and already have deals in the pipeline. Those that don’t need to get a move on unless they want to see a big dip in income, and spend the next 12 months trying to play catch up. Whether you’ve been in the business for years, or are just getting started, here are ten strategies and tactics for generating more business and real estate closings as we turn into the New Year:

Themed Holiday Content

As we’ve already witnessed with Black Friday, many real estate professionals and businesses find themselves caught up in the mayhem and festivities of the holidays and really drop the ball on content. This is an excellent time to stand up, connect and get noticed, especially for small real estate businesses and solo professionals. Consumers and professionals feeling the warmth of the holiday spirit can be far more receptive to content at this time of the year. So step in with themed holiday real estate related blogs and social updates to make new connections, strengthen connections and build on relationships that will create live leads.

New Landing Pages & Fresh Lists

It’s a great time to launch new landing pages, with plenty of reasons for home buyers, sellers, renters, private lenders, and investors to sign up, opt-in and become eager for what you have to offer. Build fresh lists ready to act on your offerings and services as soon as the holidays are through, or before.


Schedule meet up groups before the end of the year, and in early January. Arrange informal meet ups, formal mastermind group sessions, and if you don’t have one close by; kick start your own real estate investors’ club. Even consider bringing a top speaker to your destination to create a buzz and boost turnout. Use these to build referral networks, lead databases, and plan coordinated efforts.


The holiday season is an excellent time for real estate professionals and companies to really shine and show what they are about. This shouldn’t be approached with a selfish, or “what’s in it for me attitude,” but rather simply out of generosity and finding the increased opportunities to help others. There are plenty of ways to just give to the public, as well as to look for ways to boost others in related businesses and help them raise awareness and grow.

Line Up Your Inventory

If you have the inventory, they’ll have to come to you. This applies to general MLS and real estate listings, as well as wholesale deals, turnkey investment property opportunities, mortgage financing, and more. While some consumers will put off action until 2015, this is a great time to sign up new listings, backers, vendor services, contracts and even build buyers and renter lists so that once the New Year’s Eve fireworks die down you’ll be ready for some explosive business of your own.

Design New Cross-Marketing and Promotional Campaigns

Connect with other vendors, brainstorm, and craft cross marketing and promotion campaigns with other industry vendors to be unleashed in the New Year. Get commitments, and start commissioning materials to be designed now. This can include; podcasts, blog posts, door hangers, direct mail, magazine ads, even whole magazines, and events.

Network, Network, Network

There is no time of the year as ripe for networking as the end of the year holiday season. Aside from the formal real estate association networking events there are plenty of causal ones to arrange and drop in on. Meet, connect, and trade info while people are in a great mood.

Take Time Out for Your Annual Review

If you missed our post on Annual Reviews check it out now. Black the time out to take a few days or more to reevaluate, refocus, and reenergize before 2015 and then steamroll ahead on top of your game.

Connect with the Most in Demand Pros of the Next Season

By the end of January 2015 America will already be in the midst of tax season. Early birds will be readying their taxes and realizing they need to make smarter moves like real estate and self-directed IRAs. Tax preparers, accountants and attorneys will be getting serious about investing heavy marketing and will have clients that can benefit from working with you. This is an incredible time to create strategic relationships and campaigns that benefit both sides and create more business over the next two quarters and beyond.

Focus on Appointment Setting

Many Realtors, investors, mortgage brokers and related companies find some of their end of year marketing efforts frustrating, ineffective and losing money. This is because they are just doing the same thing as the rest of the year. Not many people are going to be receptive or become a one call close on Christmas Eve. Be realistic and adapt. Focus on appointment setting and line up all the business you can handle for the first few weeks of January, and gain those relationships while others burn them.

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